Xmas recovery

Well we survived Christmas, it was quiet with only the three of us. Kat was working a shift on Xmas Eve and Boxing Day so we couldn't travel anywhere. I had a week off before the big day itself. I needed it I was still recovering from two back to back trips abroad (one to the Congo and one to the Balkans) and then the end of term dash to mark and return the coursework to the students; which of course should have been done when I was away!
Moira did a classic, finally telling us what she wanted for Christmas the day before Christmas eve when we had no chance to get it. So at some point we are off to get a Wii, belatedly, but even Santa was given no notice.

Of course we over ate, had some nice wine and vegged on in front of the gogglebox. New year again will be quiet due to Kat working. Moira and I are planning on going up to York for a day or so and Kat will join us. I'll need to travel back before the pair of them due to a meeting on Monday.

Just one thing, though we received quiet a few cards but in the move we have misplaced our address book, so sorry if you sent one and didn't get one in return....mind you the number of people who don't put there addresses on Xmas cards....lol

anyway hope everybody has a good Hogmanay
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the slow move back to work

Start work again on Monday, after 4 weeks off....bleaugh....!
been in a couple of times this week in order to clear out the in-tray and pick up mail etc before the round of meetings we have on Monday.
Wednesday will see me at St Paul's for the Operation Banner memorial, then a reception at the Guildhall before another reception with the NI Veteran's Association. Had to sort out a new blazer and find my medal etc. Not sure I'm looking forward to it exactly but...
Found a new place to stay in sandhurst, but still waiting for the solicitors to sort the contracts out on our place before we can sort out the paperwork on the new place (if that makes sense). Plans are to be moved out by late September if not earlier.
Housewarming details will be forthcoming.
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what a weekend!!!!

Well discovered that you have to be relieved that your bike has broken down by spitting the chain of at *cough* miles an hour on the motorway in the pouring rain! basically because it came of to the rear of the bike and not out through the crankcase or my leg! And, secondly that that it didn't hit any vehicle behind me.

So cold and wet recover to glasgow where Cuddles and Ralph put me up and I discovered that I'd the wrong dates for the event I was meant to be at....words will be had with the relevant people!!!!

Anyway Bike at Glasgow probably not worth the cost of repair since i promised kat I'd be getting rid of it soon anyway....this may just hasten the end. I've been promised a new one in the new year and I also promised kat I'd get a car for the winter. I'll sort out the logistics this week.

Good news is Kat qualified as a midwife so she can start her job in Guilford as soon as she gets her registration though. We also accepted an offer on the house but we need to move within about 3 weeks so hectic house hunting and packing to come

Glasgow this week

being particularly busy the last couple of weeks this is a bit last minute.

I'll be in Glasgow this weekend. Hopefully i will make it up for Trout non Thursday, but if I do'll need an offer of crash space. If anybody is willing to put up with me....lol.

Also, I've been asked at the last minute to help find a band for a paying gig on Saturday night. any recommendations or ideas greatfully accepted.

Hope to see the Glasgow contingent soon.

graduation today

eight years, loads of blood sweat and tears and you get a silly hat and a bit of paper......Oh and a new prenomynm....:-D

and a very nice expensive fountain pen from the in-laws...which has its own owners club (I kid not!)

new job and travel

Ok been at the new job for a coupole of weeks now; my first lecture is tomorrow. Not that worried about it but it is to a whole cohort so a big lecture in a big hall!

been commuting back and forth to York atthe weekends, which is more tiring than I realised. Been a bit worn out really but finally getting into to swing of things and acclimatising to the commute etc.

new e-mail which I obviously can't give out here. My leedstrinity one ios now closed but my gmail and lspace addresses are still valid.

Final countdown

Final couple of days before I emigrate south to start the new job on Tuesday. Had to go and buy a suit on saturday and spent today looking for shirts. Apparently. I'm thick necked (who could tell)which means getting the biggest neck size available. Normally this isn't a problem but since I have to wear a tie I need to do the top button up. hey ho! the joys of being a civil servant...of sorts.....lol


well the bike failed its MOT this afternoon....rear brakes, which I suspected were a bit worn at the start of the weekend and most expensively the rear shock absorber. £450 to get fixed, luckily we got a letter from the solicitors this morning telling us we were owed a largish chunk of money. so what is given in one hand is taken, in part, with the other.

Busy day

Came into work today in a "better be seen to be around" kind of way. I gave in my resignation letter on Monday and considering RMAS want me to start early May and I have a 2 month Notice clause in my current contract, I thought I'd better behave and be seen to be working. (rather than work form home, which generally is much more productive). I thought I may have had to negotiate my holidays in leue (sp?) of notice but I got a letter from HR this morning in my internal mail saying that I can have a months notice in order to start the new job. Not only that but they want me to take my holidays before I go. This is a bit of a problem because I thyink I still have a fair bit of holidays outstanding which means I can basically take quiet a bit of this month off. Pity really since I have quiete a bit to do before I go. What would have been better was for them to purchase my leave back from me, but, since i really need to go by the 5th of May I don't want to haggle too much.

So today i signed my new contract and sent it away. I also sorted out all the documentation for my application for chartered status and membership of the BPS. I've also started the forms for associate member of the HEA (I think I could apply for fellowship but the forms are just too much hassle!)

anyway loads of paper work and marking still to be done!

Eastercon, bookbinding and post stuff malaise

Well went to Eastercon last weekend. Had a fairly good time considering it was the first con I'd been to in 2 years. A couple of annoying niggles that I have feedback to relevant people but in general it went well and I had fun. Didn't make it to hardly any programme though. Some discussion about bidding in Glasgow in the near future. Obviously some work needs to be done before any announcements can be made but watch this space....

A bit miffed I can't make this years worldcon in Denver, due to the new job and moving house etc but I did buy a membership for Anticipation next year and I'm looking forward to visiting Montreal.

Got back to York on tuesday and discovered a message from the bookbinders that my thesis had been bound. Went to hand in the two required copies and that was it; bit of an anti-climax really! My foster-parents are visiting and we went out for a meal to celebrate but yesterday was feeling a bit down....probably the andrenaline of the last week or so finally running out.