August 18th, 2008

what a weekend!!!!

Well discovered that you have to be relieved that your bike has broken down by spitting the chain of at *cough* miles an hour on the motorway in the pouring rain! basically because it came of to the rear of the bike and not out through the crankcase or my leg! And, secondly that that it didn't hit any vehicle behind me.

So cold and wet recover to glasgow where Cuddles and Ralph put me up and I discovered that I'd the wrong dates for the event I was meant to be at....words will be had with the relevant people!!!!

Anyway Bike at Glasgow probably not worth the cost of repair since i promised kat I'd be getting rid of it soon anyway....this may just hasten the end. I've been promised a new one in the new year and I also promised kat I'd get a car for the winter. I'll sort out the logistics this week.

Good news is Kat qualified as a midwife so she can start her job in Guilford as soon as she gets her registration though. We also accepted an offer on the house but we need to move within about 3 weeks so hectic house hunting and packing to come