September 3rd, 2008

the slow move back to work

Start work again on Monday, after 4 weeks off....bleaugh....!
been in a couple of times this week in order to clear out the in-tray and pick up mail etc before the round of meetings we have on Monday.
Wednesday will see me at St Paul's for the Operation Banner memorial, then a reception at the Guildhall before another reception with the NI Veteran's Association. Had to sort out a new blazer and find my medal etc. Not sure I'm looking forward to it exactly but...
Found a new place to stay in sandhurst, but still waiting for the solicitors to sort the contracts out on our place before we can sort out the paperwork on the new place (if that makes sense). Plans are to be moved out by late September if not earlier.
Housewarming details will be forthcoming.
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