psycho_machia (psycho_machia) wrote,

Eastercon, bookbinding and post stuff malaise

Well went to Eastercon last weekend. Had a fairly good time considering it was the first con I'd been to in 2 years. A couple of annoying niggles that I have feedback to relevant people but in general it went well and I had fun. Didn't make it to hardly any programme though. Some discussion about bidding in Glasgow in the near future. Obviously some work needs to be done before any announcements can be made but watch this space....

A bit miffed I can't make this years worldcon in Denver, due to the new job and moving house etc but I did buy a membership for Anticipation next year and I'm looking forward to visiting Montreal.

Got back to York on tuesday and discovered a message from the bookbinders that my thesis had been bound. Went to hand in the two required copies and that was it; bit of an anti-climax really! My foster-parents are visiting and we went out for a meal to celebrate but yesterday was feeling a bit down....probably the andrenaline of the last week or so finally running out.

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