psycho_machia (psycho_machia) wrote,

Busy day

Came into work today in a "better be seen to be around" kind of way. I gave in my resignation letter on Monday and considering RMAS want me to start early May and I have a 2 month Notice clause in my current contract, I thought I'd better behave and be seen to be working. (rather than work form home, which generally is much more productive). I thought I may have had to negotiate my holidays in leue (sp?) of notice but I got a letter from HR this morning in my internal mail saying that I can have a months notice in order to start the new job. Not only that but they want me to take my holidays before I go. This is a bit of a problem because I thyink I still have a fair bit of holidays outstanding which means I can basically take quiet a bit of this month off. Pity really since I have quiete a bit to do before I go. What would have been better was for them to purchase my leave back from me, but, since i really need to go by the 5th of May I don't want to haggle too much.

So today i signed my new contract and sent it away. I also sorted out all the documentation for my application for chartered status and membership of the BPS. I've also started the forms for associate member of the HEA (I think I could apply for fellowship but the forms are just too much hassle!)

anyway loads of paper work and marking still to be done!

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