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Xmas recovery

Well we survived Christmas, it was quiet with only the three of us. Kat was working a shift on Xmas Eve and Boxing Day so we couldn't travel anywhere. I had a week off before the big day itself. I needed it I was still recovering from two back to back trips abroad (one to the Congo and one to the Balkans) and then the end of term dash to mark and return the coursework to the students; which of course should have been done when I was away!
Moira did a classic, finally telling us what she wanted for Christmas the day before Christmas eve when we had no chance to get it. So at some point we are off to get a Wii, belatedly, but even Santa was given no notice.

Of course we over ate, had some nice wine and vegged on in front of the gogglebox. New year again will be quiet due to Kat working. Moira and I are planning on going up to York for a day or so and Kat will join us. I'll need to travel back before the pair of them due to a meeting on Monday.

Just one thing, though we received quiet a few cards but in the move we have misplaced our address book, so sorry if you sent one and didn't get one in return....mind you the number of people who don't put there addresses on Xmas

anyway hope everybody has a good Hogmanay

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