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Damnation Alley

Sparks' Musings

21 November
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  • sparksrennie
what to say, My name is Mike Rennie, but most people know me as Sparks. I'm a Lecturer in Psychology at Trinity and All Saints College, University of Leeds. I'm currently completing the dreaded PhD thesis.

I'm also heavily involved in Science Fiction Fandom, This last year having been involved with the Glasgow Worldcon as a Division Head (and several other roles as well!) I'm currently running for TAFF (the trans Atlantic Fan Fund) and I'm planning to use the trip to this years Worldcon to ride a motor bike from the Nesfa Club house in Boston to the LASFS Club house in LA. (or even the other way) Hopefully along the way I'll be meeting fans and raising money for charity.

In my copious Spare time I play Bass in a band (called AngelBass)